Who Wants Tampons….

Remember trying to insert your first tampon?


I remember being in grade 7 and thinking WTF is going on down there?  Why won’t that damn thing just get up in there?  I tried for days and days and days and days. Actually more like months and months and months and months.

When I finally figured it out, it was an o.b. tampon that did the trick.

It wasn’t larger than my erasable papermate pen (do they still make those?). It looked more manageable. I felt comfortable that this would be the big moment.



And it was.

It was the first tampon I could actually use.

And then I quit using them.

I guess I thought it was a starter tampon and that I had graduated on to using tampons with giant wasteful applicators.

And I forgot how much I loved using them until I was asked to #giveusoneperiod and try them out again after 25 years.  I know you think that because I am part of this campaign that I am talking a load of bull, but I am not.  I forgot how small they were and how easily one could fit in my bra without anyone knowing.

Yes. I said bra.

I like to get stuff in there.

I also forgot how nice it is to move the tampon right into place and not have to stop mid aisle at the grocery store and do the dreaded tampon itch dance.

You know what I am talking about.

Tell me you do?

Don’t leave a sister hanging.

Also, o.b tampons were designed by a female gynaecologist over 50 years ago when she was looking for a smarter tampon. Respect, lady.

If you have any questions about using a tampon without an applicator you can find some answers here.

Anywho.. if you are still reading this, I am super proud of you and want to reward your efforts with a box to tampons. I have 50 boxes with 18 o.b. tampons to give away.  Just try them for one month! If you feel comfortable you can leave your address in the comments or email it to me at mommyisweird@hotmail.ca

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