Spring Clean?

I don’t spring clean.

It just isn’t my thing.

But, I do Fall Organize.

And I must be serious about it because I used capital letters.


Any who…

I am getting it on with #Walmart20th

#walmart20th     #walmart20th

#walmart20th     #walmart20th


Are you kidding me?!

We have so many damn books in this house that I have no space for them.  There is a book shelf in the living room, there is one in the dining room, there is one in each of our bed rooms plus, I have a thingy that holds books in each of the bathrooms.

We are classy like that.

But, now I need one for the play room. So, I was pretty happy when I saw these book shelves on rollback.

I will be even happier once Zed puts them together.


Why can’t I have it all?

You know I never lie to you. And I love Walmart and because I love them they are super kind to me and I did get some perks to show you these amazing rollbacks I found at my local Walmart in the kitchen, homefurnishing and home decor sections.