My Penningtons Selfie Addiction…

In just one week I am going to be at my favourite Social Media Conference, Blissdom Canada.  This will be my 3 year attending and 2nd year as a Community Leader  It’s also my chance to see people that I only get to hang out with once a year, hug people that I have only worked with virtually plus line up some new work for the upcoming year.

That is why I want to look my best.

Enter Penningtons…..


I started my day started by going into the store and checking the joint out.  I mean, I go there all the time, but not with the intent of purchasing 3 outfits. If you are new to Penningtons you just have to see their mblm line. It’s super trendy.


photo (32)

So once I started picking things out I couldn’t quit.

Like, seriously, I have never tried on so much stuff in my life…

Penningtons  Penningtons  Penningtons

Then I got stumped on a few outfits and started taking selfies….

Penningtons Penningtons Penningtons

And then once I started taking selfies,  I couldn’t stop. Just ask Facebook.

Penningtons  Penningtons  Penningtons


You just found out that I am adorable?

I am so sorry I hid that from you.

Yo got it, my sponsorship to this event will be provided by  Penningtons .  Thanks to them I am going to be looking super trendy and feeling amazing at this years Blissdom Canada.  Thanks for being my Sugar Momma!