My Baby Bot…

We’ve had some pretty hilariousness moments with Bot and Zed.

First of all, Baby Bot is practically a boy and I am thinking that I should just refer to him as Bot now instead of Baby Bot.


Screw it.

He’s my baby. I plan on ruining him for years to come.


Baby Bot layed a boom boom in his pull up this morning.

I was awoken to this at 5:50 am….

“I went boom boom in my diaper!”

Great. Off I went and cleaned not only the stinkiest dump from this kid but also the stickiest. You know the kind I’m talking about right…?

Later on in the afternoon, I took him to the potty and said, “Honey, if you have to go boom boom in the middle of the night, you just call Mommy an I will take you to have a boom boom in the potty.”

“Okay Momma.” He answers with the cutest little face you have ever seen. I know you think your kids are cute. But, they are not. Baby Bot is the cutest on the planet.

He then adds mischievously, “How about, I boom boom in my diaper and then get Daddy to clean my butt?”

I didn’t answer.

But, I did give him a big hug and told him I loved him.