Mommy’s Weird’s Mom…

Did that title make sense?


It’s my blog. I will make sense if I want to.

I have been trying to get my Mom to write on my blog for months.  The lady is hilarious. And she is a real pain in my ass, so obviously, a perfect fit for Mommy’s Weird.

Today’s Phone Conversation….

Baby Bot: Rrrrrmmmmrrrpppp

My Mom:  What’s that noise?

Me: It’s Baby Bot, he’s being a transformer.

My Mom: A drunk farmer?


My Mom: He. Is. Being. A. Drunk. Farmer.

Me: BAHAHAHAHA No. He’s being a transformer.


Then we talked for about 20 minutes and then she said….

My Mom:  Are you forgetting to tell me something….?

Me: Uhhhhhh.

My Mom: Is there another reason that you should be calling me today…….?

Me:  Um.. yeah. Of course. It’s….. shit Mom. I’m sorry it’s your birthday isn’t it? How did you know I fogot?

My Mom:  When you didn’t say Happy Birthday!

Me: Oh. Happy Birthday, Mom.

My Mom: Thank you

Sorry about that Mom, Happy Birthday! I can’t think of another person that I love so much that I would like to drown them .