Juggling Life: Life Hacks for Cleaning Your Home…

Work, soccer practice, dinner, ballet…with all of the activities that your family is involved in, how can you find time to clean? Life hacks are strategies and techniques that help you manage daily activities and manage time more efficiently while having a beautiful home. Decorating won’t keep those dust bunnies away, using strategic tips from home decor Canada can have your place looking fab, but cleaning is always the additional extra. Here are a few life hacks to manage keeping your home clean while managing everything else on your plate:


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1. Get the children involved. Instead of trying to tackle cleaning tasks when the children are not around, get them involved! What better way to teach responsibility and get a little help doing a few tasks. Keep in mind that children may not do the cleaning at adult standards, but having them included builds a sense of responsibility and makes cleaning a family activity.

2. Be realistic. Perhaps lowering your cleaning standards a bit will help. Accepting that your home will not be pristine 100% of the time could alleviate some of the stress associated with cleaning. Set realistic goals for how “well-kept” you expect your home to be on a daily basis.

3. Multi-task as much as possible. Clean as you cook. Have a load of laundry pre-set to finish when you get home. Doubling up on tasks can save a significant amount of time.

4. Get some help. If your budget will allow, hire some professional help. Having professional cleaning help even on a monthly or bi-weekly basis can free up valuable time to do other things. Or, use a meal-prepping service to help with a few meals here and there to create less clean-up work.

5. Get organized. Many will find that the more organized things are the better one can manage time. Spend a few days organizing closets and pantries for efficiency. Investing the time to de-clutter and get organized can save significant cleaning time on a daily basis.

6. Do a little each day. Rather than letting all of the cleaning tasks “pile up”, clean a little each day. Make a schedule of tasks and then divide them up over the course of the week. Doing so will make cleaning seem less monumental of a task.