The Tablet Addiction….

I try not to be super judgey.

But, I can be when it comes to electronic devices.

I see kids watching movies while their parents push them around in the cart at the grocery store.  I see kids playing games on their tablets while there parents eat dinner. I see kids watching t.v shows at their siblings soccer games.

It bugs me.

But, guess whose kids didn’t bug her for a 5 hour drive because she got them an InnoTab 3 Baby- The Learning App Tablet?


Holy Crap.

Those parents were on to something.


I kept these a secret from the kids because I totally wanted to use them as leverage for our family road trip. But, before we even left on our family vacation to Spokane, Washington we let the kids play on them for 10 minutes.

They were so quiet that 10 minute turned into 40 minutes.

Then to the car….

Innotab3   Innotba4


In fact our trip went so smoothly that Zed and I started talking about taking the kids on a road trip down the Oregon Coast.


Those damn InnoTab’s have made us lose our damn minds!



Even though they say Baby on them, they are not just for babies, your kids can totally grow with them.  They are for ages 1 to 9. Baby Bot was really big on playing the games and using the e-reader. While Whirlwind was busy taking pictures of our trip and taking videos of herself singing songs about her being “world famous”.


The apple does NOT fall far from the tree, folks.


It comes with 18 apps and you can download more at the Learning Lodge. That way the kids can be entertained for a little bit longer on road trips. We also took the case off for Whirlwind and she used the touch screen more and was totally into her “tablet.”

Thanks to VTech Canada for making this the easiest road trip to date. I love you. No, really. I love you.  You complete me.  You are all invited for Christmas.  Kiss, Kiss.