Back to School…..?

I wasn’t a huge fan of summer holidays when I was a kid. I mean, I liked going camping. I loved going to see my relatives in Red Deer, Alberta.  I dug swimming lessons.  But, I preferred school.

I was an eager, hand putter upper, tattle taler, sucking upper school lover.

Here I am on my first day….

Kyla Kindy

I guarantee that my Mom made that outfit, too. She was just so good at that stuff.  I always felt like she was super duper organized and knew what the heck was going on.

Me, well, not so much.

I am pretty sure that Whirlwind says a prayer every morning at school when she sees that I have remember to pack her a lunch.

This year I am a little more organized than last year. You see this year, I am a parent of a Grade 1 student, so I get where I am supposed to park and I now know that I don’t really have to “dress up” to drop her off at school.

I’m also going to get some amazing tips at the #TargetBacktoSchool Twitter Party!


Did you see that? Over 100 prizes worth over $10,000!

As Joey would say in Blossom… “Whoa!’

First things first, make sure you RSVP. And if you are new to twitter parties, remember you just need to follow the hashtag #TargetBacktoSchool or you can also use this, its for those of us who are kind of new to this twitter party scene.