My Crappy Name….

When I was a kid I was constantly called Karla.

Karla is a fine name, its just not my name.

As I got older and Kayla and Patch were on Days of Our Lives, then I started to get called Kayla.

Then Kylie.

Then Karly.

Of course I name Whirlwind the most popular name in town. She knows 5 other Whirlwinds who are the same age as her.  And we already know of 3 Baby Bots.

So they will not ever be in danger of not being able to find a fridge magnet with their name on it.

But, if you named your kid something like mine, finding a license plate with your name on it is almost impossible.

Enter this…



I basically love it because the kids name is the story.  Its seriously wicked and I freakn’ love the website. I need to contact who ever made the website and get them to re design my blog. STAT.

Ordering the books is actually funny as hell.  They ask you funny questions and the Dad’s and Uncle that wrote the book are bearded babes with hipster glasses. 


They were even on the British version of my favourite show, Dragon’s Den.

They also have a pretty huge Facebook following, too.

Thanks so much books, guys.  They are awesome. Can you make one with the name Kyla?  And if you are looking for me, I am out at the local fair looking for a key chain with my name on it.