Finding Your Funny….

I have had some really cool experiences lately.

I was interviewed by Blissdom Canada (Canada’s Premier Social Media Conference) and asked, “What Makes You and Your Online Presence Unique?”

And I also took part in #TownHallChat with Main Street Creative Co.  on how to use humour when working with brands.

Most recently I was asked to be part of Creative Minds -The Podcast with the amazing men of Canadian Dad and Puzzling Posts- A passage through parenting. 

I have to say that I had no idea what I was going to say in these interviews. I just thought I would talk and the funny would just roll with it.

And it did.

But, sometimes you cannot find your funny.

Sometimes I am tired.

Sometimes I forget what I wanted to write that was sooooo funny.

Sometimes I have no time.

Sometimes my bum hurts.

No really.

Having your bum hurt can really suck the funny out of you really damn quick.

But, I have never really lost my funny.  Even in very unfunny situations, I can always bring the funny. Which is not always so funny. Its kind of unfunny and inappropriate.

Which to me is even funnier.

I have made unfunny jokes while giving birth.  I have made unfunny jokes at funerals.  I have made an unfunny joke while walking down the aisle.  I have made an unfunny joke while handing in my resignation. I have made unfunny jokes at job interviews.

The thing is, they seemed funny at the time.

Okay, they seemed really funny in my head.

But one persons funny can also be another persons unfunny.

Fuck me.

I am so tired of saying the word funny.

I think finding your funny is about finding the right kind of funny.

Have you ever used the wrong kind of funny?