Sex Tape, The Movie….

We bought our first digital camera in 2003.  It cost us as much as a month’s rent.  In fact it was such a big expense, we used our wedding gift money to buy it. We researched like crazy and finally decided on the best model our $400 could buy.

The next day I headed to work and told everyone at work about it.  Now, let me warn you, at that time I worked in radio, so pretty much anything goes. The first thing a co worker asked was, had we taken any “nudie pics” yet.

Initially I was shocked. What a dirty old man.

Then I realized…


And it was.

Those photos were never saved, uploaded or shared.

They were deleted about 20 minutes later.

And we have never every done it since because of this exact reason….



Damn I love Jason Segel. And Cameron Diaz. The only thing that would make this better would be if Rob Lowe was in it.


Rob Lowe is in it?


And for the record, I don’t get the cloud.

Why are some pictures and videos on my cloud and others aren’t. And how come some photos just disappear after a certain date? That makes no sense to me. It’s super annoying and frustrating and I don’t get it and it makes me twitchy all over.


I can hardly wait to see Sex Tape, The Movie! I have already joined the Facebook Page. Who wants to go with me when it opens on July 18th?! Huh, huh, who… who.. who!?


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