I Need A Beer….

I am exhausted.

Soooooo exhausted.

The kids were up at 6:05 am. Grocery store at 8:50 am.  Work emails.  First play date 11 am at Spray Park. Second play date at 1:30 pm. Hair appt at 4:30 pm  Kids in bathtub at 6:30 pm. Work emails. Laundry. It’s now 9:30 pm, the kids are in bed and Zed and I are in the back yard doing this with my Molson 67 Tangerine Twist.

Tangerine Twist 2


Yes, I am totally yawning in that pic. I wish I was faking it.  That mascara smudged under my eyes is real too.


Summer is hard, yo.

Hey pool boy, bring me a  Molson Canadian 67 Tangerine Twist!

It’s a pretty tasty summer time beer, as soon as you open the can you get a great big refreshing smell of tangerine. Almost enough to wake me up after a loooooooong hot day in Beautiful British Columbia! I also adore the fact that it is only 67 calories.  I hate finding out that a cooler I just drank was 330 calories.


I just wanted a nice drink to end my day, not the calorie equivalent of poutine.

Tangerine Twist 3

Oh and I found this recipe that combines Molson Canadian 67 Tangerine Twist with Gin.  And I need that. I need that now. No, really. I gotta go and make that.

Oh…. in case you were wondering, yes I got some wicked perks for being part of this campaign. But, it’s a perfect fit, because I did this blog post before I was even asked to join in on all the fun.