My Chip Truck…

I have always wanted to own a chip truck of sorts.

It’s my dream.

It was my dream before food trucks were cool and had long lines of hipsters and reality t.v show’s.

I remember having this desire when I was very young, it started with seeing an ice cream truck in Red Deer, Alberta and then it really was solidified when I was 20 years old at the Brandon Folk Festival.

There was an old school bus that was painted bright pink with multiple cactuses (cacti?) painted all over it.  The women running it had two electric BBQs, mounds of guacamole and were wearing tons hemp bracelets.  I was instantly drawn to not just the “fajita bus”, but to the lifestyle.

I want to travel across Canada from Folk Festival to Children’s Festival to Rodeo to God knows what else. But, that’s it. I want to work my ass off all summer, see this beautiful country, meet amazing people and then spend my winters in Cuba.

Mostly, I just want to wear tons of hemp bracelets and not look like an idiot.

What about you?

Any secret dreams?