Best Toy Ever….

And I totally mean it.

We have been playing with Sands Alive and this stuff is amazeballs!

Here are the kids playing with it…


It’s super crazy to explain. Because it feels like marshmellows, smells like clay, sticks together like playdough, but it’s obviously sand.

Does that make any sense at all?! Am I sounding cray cray?

It is 100% natural and non toxic. And it doesn’t stick or stain. Plus, it has a lab report that proves that bacteria won’t grow in it.  And it doesn’t dry up. Plus, its super easy to clean up.

I know. It all sounds banana’s.  It’s just the coolest stuff.


I begged for some Sands Alive to try out in exchange for this review.  But, you know me, I get approached by lots of people and I only share my favourites with you. And this stuff is truly the coolest toy that has graced our home in ages. 

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