Weekend Away Pt II

Where did I leave you?

If you want to read Part 1 our Our Weekend Away its here.

Right, we are on our best family vacay ever in Kalispell, Montana and shockingly to all our friends the trip did not revolve around Costco.

I know.

You didn’t know there was this much to do in Kalispell, did ya?

And honestly neither did we.

I was a bit nervous to take the kids to their first museum. I wasn’t sure what the little kickers, lickers and poopers would do to the place. But, the kids totally surprised us and absolutely loved the Museum at Central School.




photo (92)


The only problems with kids and museums is that you have to know which ones will suit your kids and which ones will not.  So, even though they did really well at the Museum at Central School that was not the case for the Conrad Mansion.  I would recommend that your kids be over the age of 10 to really appreciate this amazing home, its history and architecture.






I cannot say enough good things about this tour. Yup, I ended up going alone. Thankfully, Zed took the hooligans to the park.


I spent the tour with a super witty guide named Cindy who made the hour and a half just fly by.  The story of the Conrad Family is fascinating.  Please, promise me that you will go. Especially if you are a Downton Abbey Fan because they are doing some really cool wardrobe comparison displays.

So will you go?

Please?  You will?  Great its settled.






Zed and the kids came back early from the park and played in the beautiful grounds that surround the Conrad Mansion and those little monkeys STILL had energy, so we thought it was best to wear them out a bit more before the 3 hour drive home. So, we hit up Woodland Park.


10172671_637594722997379_5655969397923734018_n  photo (95) 10406357_637595339663984_7559728220010385482_n (1)


We walked around on the trails, sang songs, threw rocks at ducks (totally by accident and he was fine, seriously, he was fine!) and had a nice long play at the park.  This park is truly a treasure for that community.  And by the looks of the other people enjoying their dog walking and picnic lunches, it’s really well used.



So who knew?

I sure didn’t know that Kalispell, Montana had so much to offer families.

And we will for sure be back because we ran out of time to visit Moose’s Saloon and according to my friends that is the second place you have to see after Costco.

Again, we did get some family perks in exchange for my social media updates and blog posts.  Thanks Kalispell!