Teacher Gifts….

June is crazy, yo.

Why didn’t anyone warn me about this?

It’s like the part after labour. No one tells you about having to freeze maxi pads and wearing nipple shields.

I mean look at my hair in this video. That is not normal people.  I am falling apart!


School is wrapping up and I am thinking about gifts for my daughters pretty amazing teacher.  Listen, I am not a teacher, but I am pretty sure they get some terrible gifts.

How’s about you give them a pretty cool gift instead….


So Support a Classroom 

Or Feed 50 Children.

You could Educate a Girl.

Or donate in Canada to provide After School Activities.

In case you were wondering, I am part of a campaign to spread the word about all these “off the hook” options for your teacher instead of another ugly mug that says, “World’s Best Teacher”.

26 thoughts on “Teacher Gifts….

  1. Such great ideas! I love that a small donation can make such a big difference! I think this is the perfect gift idea for teachers! And btw, you hair looks awesome. Really. Luv you! 🙂

  2. We didn’t get anything for our teachers this year because the strike ended the year so abruptly, but I usually give them coffee with my homemade Bailey’s and some kind of home baked goody. I’m pretty sure they appreciate it. 😉 I’ve often thought about doing a donation gift, just have never actually done it….

  3. Gaaah… teacher’s gifts. I have no idea what to get my daughter’s teacher. I’m hoping some of the other moms come up with an idea and I just have to pitch in a $20 like they did at Christmas… 🙂

  4. I couldn’t agree more — teachers do not need any more chocolate or mugs!! Give a handmade card and if you must give a gift, give something meaningful like the charities you’ve mentioned.

  5. These are great ideas! More importantly, it teaches our children lean that there are other kids who don’t have as many luxuries as we have. Education is a human right. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this! We are lucky because one of the Moms in Gavin’s class is super organized and just collects money from us to do a group gift. Maybe I can suggest this to her….hmmmm….

  7. Love these ideas and love that you have options for helping those in Canada and outside. Also……you are stinking adorable even when you have crazy hair!

  8. This is so much more meaningful than trinkets or food. Sadly our BC teachers are going on strike for the last 2 weeks of school, so I gave wine, because they’re gonna need it…

  9. I remember my mom gave my teacher a set of dining plates. She got the set for a cheaper price because they’re on sale. But they’re nice. 🙂

    A tumbler will also be nice. 🙂 She could use it during classes.. anywhere, actually. 🙂

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