When Do Kids Stop….

singing to themselves?

I specifically remember having some girl friends over for a few drinks and one of them saying, ” You need to tape that, it won’t last forever.”

It was Whirlwind.

She was 2 years old and she had this habit of singing to herself for an hour before she finally went to sleep.  Songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “ABC’s”  (which have the same melody, by the way, it only took me 35 years to figure that out).

It was adorable.

I used to call it her “creative time.”

Because she was truly being herself and wasn’t asking me to entertain her.

I loved it.

Then it sort of just ended.  And I never did tape it.

I still catch her singing and talking to herself when she is in her room or riding her bike or playing in the sandbox. But, its different.

Thankfully, I still have Baby Bot.

He lies in bed at night and sings about “Spiderman”, “Hulk”, “Venom” and “Iron Man”.  Its a damn dream to listen to. Sometimes I just sit by his door and listen to him sing and talk to his Teddy until he falls asleep.

The other day he serenaded me with “Old McDonald” at Starbucks.

And I don’t want it to end.

They only get to be children for so long.

I mean, the two years of their life, they are not even really a human, next thing you know they are off to school and then they are ruined. Ruined with ideals, expectations and bullcrap.

Deep breath.

Keep singing, kids.

Just keep singing until Momma gets it on tape.