If My Hair Could Hit Me…

When my hair is left to its own devices, I look like a wild animal.

In fact, I remember my brother looking at my hair once and saying, “Why does your hair look like a bunch of worms?” I have also had people ask me if my hair was “drunk”.

The only solution to taming the worms is heat. And my hair looooooooves heat. It will only obey to heat. Blow dry, straighten, curl. As you can probably guess, the ends of my hair are very split and very dry. If my hair could hit me, it would.

And on a typical day, my hair looks like this….

 photo (72)

I was super stoked to try out the latest in hair care innovation from Garnier Fructis and try their Fructis Damage Eraser because its been said that it reconstructs hair’s strength by 90%! And it’s designed for dry and damaged hair. HELLO! Ideal for women who are “Damage Criminals“!



So, I tried it….and I gotta say, I could feel immediate results while rinsing. My hair felt soft and smooth. Honestly. I mean it. I am not blowing smoke up your hoo-ha. That’s not my schtick.

photo (71)

If you have hair like mine and you use a hair straightener, blow dryer or other heat styling tool regularly but don’t want to give up on your favourite look, then you should try this product. It has the power to reconstruct hair strength by 90% from root-to-tip so styling tools can be used without worry of frying the crapola out of your hair.

I let my hair dry naturally and then I straightened it. And I swear to you, my hair felt and looked much better than when I usually straighten it. I cannot even explain to you how great the ends feel. Fructis Damage Eraser is a product line I will use again.

It felt like I was actually apologizing to my hair. “Sorry, I have been such a jerk to you, hair. I love you. You are my pride and joy. I will be nicer to you from now on. Wanna make out?”

photo (70)

And if you don’t believe me, then you gotsta try it out for yourself! YUP, just go to the Garnier website to learn more about the NEW Fructis Damage Eraser product line and to take advantage of the limited time trial offers. Do it. Trust me.

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