Hey Four Eyes….

Thanks to the gang at Select Specs for these wicked glasses and frames. They gave me these and I told you about mean old Troy Mc.  We are the perfect team!


I only remember being teased about wearing glasses once.

It wasn’t so much as being teased as a big bully actually breaking them.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Mainly because it was so bizarre. And it all happened so fast.

Here goes…

I was getting my boots on after school in grade 4 when 6th grader, Troy Mc pushed a friend of mine.  I told him not to push her, he then pushed me, my glasses flew off my head, he reached down and picked up my glasses, looked me in the eye and scrunched them in his hand.


Totally bizarre, right?

Mainly because I wasn’t the kind of kid that stuck up for other kids.  Sad, but true. I never had the guts. It’s also bizarre to me because that kind of stuff does not happen in real life. I mean, really, who grabs a little girls glasses and scrunches them in their hand? It was like a scene out of a movie.  To this day, I still cannot believe it actually happened.

Big bully.

I’d like to see you try that now, Troy Mc.

You big loser.

Where was Select Specs back then?!



Here are my new super hipster glasses from Select Specs. I am absolutely in love with them!  I ordered from the Economy Collection and they took just under 4 weeks to arrive at my door. I adore them so much that I am going to use the worst word ever. Are you ready for it…..? I LURVE THEM. It was the first time I had ever ordered glasses on line and it was super easy.  I am not sure what took me so long to try this. I guess, I was a bit nervous that the prescription would be all messed up. Not the case.