I am 34.5 Years Old…

I know a make a lot of jokes about eating wings on Mommy’s Weird.  But, I don’t eat them as much as I would like.

Firstly they are expensive and secondly, I weigh over 200 lbs and I don’t want to weigh over 300 lbs. I recently took the  Heart Health Calculator Test available at Shoppers Drug Mart.ca Diabetes runs in my family so I was very curious to the age my heart.

The Heart Age Calculator rated my Cardiovascular Health at 34.5 years old.  I know the only reason I scored a few years younger than my age is because I work out regularly, usually 5  days a week.

running No really, I do.

But, what if I didn’t?

Knowing about your heart health is super important, I mean, Heart Disease is one of the leading causes of death in Canada.  And the idea that my blood pressure levels, my cholesterol and my weight, could be making my heart age faster than I really am, really freaks me out.

The Canadian Cardiovascular Society recommends that all Canadians calculate the age of you heart and improve the management of your blood pressure and blood lipids.  I don’t really know what this means, but I do know that knowing this sort of stuff is going to to help your heart out in the long run and lead to better health. So don’t be lazy or scared and just try out the Heart Age Calculator, its a super easy online tool that assess your rick of heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular disease within the next ten years. The questions were super simple, like weight, age, daily habits, family history etc. I am at average risk, but I am VERY close to being at above average risk.

And that is scary.

The other thing I liked about the Heart Age Calculator is that they tell you your risk of Cardiovascular Disease and the steps you can do to be Heart Healthy like; stop smoking, monitor your blood pressure, be active, regulate cholesterol levels and most importantly take control.

So Weirdies, let’s get Heart Healthy and take  the Heart Age Calculator test!

That might have sounded lame. But, I mean it. I care about you.  I want you around for a long time.  Who else is going to read this junk I talk about?

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