My Wee Little iPod Nano…

We are still listening to Christmas music at our house.

And before you ask, yes its super annoying.

The kids found my husbands Neil Diamond Christmas Album and they are addicted to it.

Sadly, they have scratched the c.d.

Lucky for me right?

You’d think.

But we just got one of these from Staples…

photo (28)


So, now we have Neil Diamond’s Christmas Album available to us where ever we go.

But, I do sort of dig the gold timbre of his voice.

Any who….

The iPod Nano is so wee. It’s crazy. Here it is on my husbands iPhone 5. Yes, I said, on.  They are making sweet apple love.

photo (27)


Tiny right? It’s the size of a credit card.


But, its not.  For some reason the screen seems super huge on this little guy. And it actually is. It’s twice the size of the last iPod Nano. The other thing I dig is that its 16 GB and it has Nike+ on it.


Who really thinks I am going to use Nike+ plus?


I just crack my chubby self up.

Disclaimer:  Thanks to Staples for giving me this iPod Nano to review. You guys are awesome.The daytimer I picked up the other day is super great, too. Oh and I am sorry that Baby Bot took a boom boom in the paper aisle the other day.  That really stunk.