My Science Vlog…

Okay, I just did my very first science experiment LIVE on Youtube for Majesta ez flush.  It was a shake test using their toilet paper and a competitors toilet paper to see which has more flushability.

Can’t say I have ever used the word flushability before, but without knowing the word, it is something that is becoming waaaay more important to my family then I had ever thought about. It really is time to start thinking about what you are flushing down your toilet. Seriously.

Think of the tax dollars spent on our local water systems.  Think of the environment.  Think of the plumbing costs that could be saved in your home.

Mostly, I think about the problems my friends have in their cottages/campers/cabins.  Seriously, there is always a cute sign in their bathroom that says something like, “If its yellow, let it mellow, if its brown flush it down.”



Doing this test was super cool. And I think you will love the results. If you not might just like it because of my incredible dancing abilities.

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Good Luck!

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