Santa Will…..?

Opening my stocking is my most favourite part about Christmas morning.

Yes, I still have a stocking.

For some reason its a tradition that Zed and I have continued to do, even since the kids have arrived. But, this year might be the year that Whirlwind might ask some questions about it.

She has become uber curious about Santa. She even went as far to say something about him not being real.

I blame it on the movie, “Elf”.

Sadly, she has seen it a couple of times without my consent.

Not the end of the world, but breaks my heart a little bit that she already has questions about the Big Guy.

At the same time, she is totally into Santa.

Even yesterday, as Whirlwind and Baby Bot were trashing the living room and I shouted, ” WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN UP THIS MESS?!”

She replied with a simple, “Santa will….?”

Anywho back to stockings….

I recently was given a few products to try out before the holidays and if I dug any of them I was asked to share it with my Mommy’s Weird Weirdoes.

So here goes…

ClearWomen_CLR_DmgColourMask StIves_OatmealSheaClearWomen_DamageClear_CD_375mL StIves_CoconutOrchid


Thankfully, last week I was able to escape for a “tubby”.  When you have small kids, you know what a big deal that is!  I finally had a few moments to deep condition my hair and I promise you that the Clear Damage and Colour Repair was the best product I have used all year.  I mean it. Since, I cut my bangs, I am straightening it more and the ends can look a bit… well…..crispy.  I used this product, blew my hair dry, straightened it and quite frankly the difference was amazing.

Super amazing.

Also, the St. Ives Fresh Hydration lotion is a spray and it is “the bomb.”

Yes, I said, “the bomb”.

I’m hip like that.

DISCLAIMER:  Yup, I got this stuff in exchange for a review. But, I want you to know, that I get a ton of stuff to review and if it blows chunks, I will not put it on Mommy’s Weird.  Oh, and don’t tell my Mom and my sister about this review, okay.  Because this is what they are getting for Christmas. Shhhhhh.