How to Manipulate….

It amazes me at how early women learn to manipulate men.

Maybe that was a bit drastic.

No, maybe not.

Whirlwind is amazing at how she can manipulate her brother.  She is a pro.  She can get him to give her the toy he covets.  She can get him to give her the last bite of his pumpkin pie.  She can get him to let her go on the swing first.

It’s amazing.

Sometimes he figures it out.


Like, 3% of the time.

And sometimes I just have to intervene.


Me:  Give him back his blanket.

Whirlwind:  But, I’m cold.

Me:  It is his blanket. How would you feel if he took YOUR blanket and wouldn’t share it?

Whirlwind: Happy.

Me: You would feel happy that he took YOUR blanket?

Whirlwind: Yes, because I was sharing it with him and that would make me feel happy.


Forget women manipulating men.

It amazes me at how early kids learn to manipulate their mothers.

That reminds me to slip some of my groceries in my Mom’s grocery cart at the Co-op.