Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio…

Before you meet Jenn of Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio, you should know that I hit Jillian Michaels on live t.v in front of Tyra Banks. 

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I’d like to introduce you to Jenn.   You see, when I first met Jenn, I knew she was a big deal. But, I never realized WHAT  a big deal she was or was going to be. Jenn is a content creator for YouTube. That means she is one of their STARS. It is nothing for her channel to get 2 million views. Did you get that? 2 MILLION VIEWS! Let’s think about that for a moment. Mommy’s Weird videos get on average 200 views.   2 MILLION!  We are in the presence of greatness, people.  Meet Jenn….


First things first:  I am not a mom.  I love moms (it’s got to be the hardest job in the world), but it’s not for me.   Why am I not a mom?  I teach Kindergarten.  16 five year olds on a daily basis is enough for me and if you have any doubts, you’re welcome to come and volunteer with me one day!  Each day, I head to school, shape minds, and then head home where I start my second job, which is another reason why I’m not a mom.  There’s no time!  My other “job” is as a YouTube creator on CupcakesandCardio.

I don’t like to call it a job since I love it and obviously if you love something you can’t call it work, right?  I get to create all sorts of homemade sweets, like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and the Cardio part?  We have a backpacking oven that we take with us, and hike up a mountain, or cross country ski, or snowshoe, and bake something delicious when we get to our destination!

It’s an amazing way to showcase the beautiful scenery that we live around.  I focus on baking from scratch as my goal with my YouTube channel and blog was to prove that baking from scratch was something that is easy.  It seems hard when looking at the final product, but by breaking the recipe into steps, I make it foolproof!   Baking from scratch and decorating may take a few extra minutes, but the improvement in taste is so worth the time investment.

I love to bake in the classroom as well since I can cover so many curriculum outcomes.  Literacy (setting a purpose, and reading directions), Numeracy (reading the recipe), Science (baking soda and vinegar!) as well as Health and Career (cleanliness)…I need to stop as my eyes just glazed over.   What I’m trying to prove is that there are many reasons that you should bake with kids and there are many ways you can.  If you’re just starting out as a beginner baker, try my Rainbow Chocolate Chip Microwave Cookie recipe!

You don’t even need to turn on the oven for this one, the kids will love the rainbow M&M’s and it only dirties one bowl.  Get the kids involved with mixing and measuring and after a minute in the microwave, your “hard” work is finished and you’re rewarded with a deliciously soft cookie!

Now, baking in the microwave is a great cheater way to start out baking, but if you’re a more experienced baker, try something like my Christmas Tree Cupcakes!  You can get the kids involved in the cupcake baking, buttercream making, and the best part, the decorating of the Christmas tree!  If you haven’t discovered Bulk Barn before, it’s a decorators dream!  I can spend hours going up and down their aisles (and there’s only five of them!).  I found the cutest rainbow covered sunflower seeds there awhile ago and they made the most adorable lights for the Christmas tree cupcakes!


Jenn is a teacher and together with her partner Paul, is the co-creator of the blog  She is also the co-creator of the YouTube Channel CupcakesandCardio and can be found at  She can also be found at these places: