I’ll Be At Shoppers Drug Mart..

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

It’s not so wonderful that I am super duper busy with my life that I am not even sure if I am going to get a moment to breathe this holiday season.  I thought being a stay at home Mom and running my own business was going to be a bit easier than it actually is.

I recently found out that I do not have super powers.


And now I have to take care of the holidays!  Every year my goal is not to mess up the holiday season.  My mantra is, “Just remember to wrap the presents by midnight and don’t burn the damn turkey.”

But, I am not going to mess up my shopping!  I love Christmas shopping.  I’m an addict. I love the hustle and bustle, I love crying kids, I love the slushy floors and I love listening to people complain in line. For some reason it makes me joyous.


gifts made easy 2


I don’t just love Shoppers Drug Mart because their gifts are awesome but, I am a big fan of their Shoppers Optimum Rewards Program and I love that they are open late. There has been many a late night call made to my local Shopper’s. Ask them. Seriously. They know me by name.

Any who….

This is what I am thinking for my Holiday Shopping this year at Shoppers Drug Mart,

playdoh axecadburyGosh

Whirlwind and Baby Bot: Play-Doh Candy Cane set

Zed: Axe Men Gift Bag Phoenix with shampoo (355ml) , shower gel (473ml) , anti-antiperspirant (76g), body spray (113g) and premium tote bag.

Hot Mom’s: Cadbury Holiday Gift Box (milk chocolate wafer 300g)

And for me:  Gosh Nail Set , 5 Oh My Nail Laquers. Exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart

Did you see how I subtly added a “for me” in there.  I mean, come on. Who can really go gift shopping and not grab something for themselves?  We’ve already covered that indeed I do NOT have super powers.

From now until December 22nd check out their website for your own Holiday Shopping ideas! Oh and don’t forget that select beauty products will have free gift with purchase.  So visit your local Shopper’s Drug Mart, while quantities last.

Plus, they are doing a Facebook Contest in December 2nd  that will reveal a new prize everyday, that will be giving away multiple prizes for 12 days. Like them HERE to find out more !  Double Plus, if you love twitter, you can follow along with #giftsmadeeasy



DISCLOSURE:  Yes, I was reimbursed for this post.  But, I love that place. No really I do. I go there and buy all my candy to sneak into the movie theatre. Shhhhhhh.



27 thoughts on “I’ll Be At Shoppers Drug Mart..

  1. This is the last year I can cheat for my Christmas shopping. My in-laws are in the UK,. In the last few years we’ve been able to go there for Christmas. I by British stuff on sale and bring home boring things like tea towels with a Union Jack slapped on them as Christmas gifts. Delivery is after I return, some time closer to New Year. No brainer. Next year, I’m going to to have to put more thought into it. We’ll be celebrating here. Ahhhhhh!!

  2. Don’t get anyone the AXE products unless you want to be asphyxiated. Seriously. I also read that so many nerd-boys had bought AXE that it has lost any ‘cool’ factor it had (with its ads). Word.


  3. You don’t have super powers either? Good, thought it was just me! 😉 I love the deals shoppers has going for the holidays. I think both my mom and mother in law will get an Olay regenerist gift, that stuff is awesome! Thanks for sharing your favs!

  4. I love holiday shopping! As long as I can go without the kids, I don’t mind the crowds and I love finding that perfect gift to suit someone. I wouldn’t usually think to do Christmas shopping at SDM but I will have to take a closer look next time I’m there.

  5. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all of us moms had super powers? I wish I could shop at Shoppers. The downside of living in the middle of the bush. Enjoy all of the rewards!

  6. It’s funny I never really thought about SDM as a place to really buy gifts, but after reading over the posts, it really IS!! Great post, love your gift choices!

  7. I agree, I love everything about Christmas shopping too! And I love Shoppers…so many great ideas…I may or may not have already bought myself something from there for Christmas! 🙂

  8. So many great ideas!!! I wouldn’t have thought of shopping at SDM for Christmas but this definitely looks like #giftsmadeeasy! I love the nail polish colours. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. WHAT?! No superpowers?? Not cool. I was hoping mine would come in the mail sometime soon…
    I have so much love for the 5 Oh My Nail Laquers, I may have to buy that for my sis and then “accidentally” steal them back! 😉

  10. I love shopping too! My kids are well trained and have learned to love it as well! ( I started early! lol) Shoppers is great for unique and hand gifts. The optimum points, an added bonus!

  11. I LOVE you’re mantra, haha. I love wrapping gifts Christmas eve and I let my Dad cook the turkey. I’ve never burned one but why do something he’s already so good at!

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