I Love Before and Afters….

You know what I am a sucker for?

Weight loss success stories.

I love them.

I’m an addict. It’s so hard for me to get through the grocery store check out without buying three magazines.

I am totally aware of where these issues come from.

I’m a chubby person.

I stay awake at night planning my reality tv show debut with my before pants and then I pretend I am Oprah trucking around my fat in a wagon.

Before and After’s make me as high as a kite.

Today I found myself addicted to the Herbal Magic website and binging on the Before and After photos.


Herbal 3

I have never “done” Herbal Magic. But, I have two friends who have and have been incredibly successful and loved the healthy diet program. I gotta say their weight loss was totally natural.

And that is what interests me about the program. I LOVE that you eat real food. I LOVE that you get personal health coaching. I absolutely adore that you get a free consultation. They also have some great healthy real food recipes on their site, too.

Let’s get Mommy’s Weird real on you for a second. There are crazy ways to lose weight.  I’m not going judge anyone for what they choose to do for their own health.   But, for me I like the idea of doing this by eating healthy food and getting support. I love that there are no crazy restrictions and that there is no surgery involved.

So what’s the catch, right? If you know me, you know that I am a born interviewer and always have a million questions about anything and everything. It’s part of my charm.

So, I would love to hear from you. Have you tried Herbal Magic?  What did you think of it?


Herbal Magic


DISCLAIMER:  Yes, I was sponsored for this post. But, I am genuinely interested in the product and have 2 friends who look amazeballs. Honestly, they went from big burritos to hot little tamales.