The Wall…

It will be three years this January that we have lived in this home.  I remember the move in like it was yesterday, it was a little bit hellish had it not been for some amazing friends.  It was just our luck that we had a huge 2 day snow storm on the 2 days we were moving.  To make things even harrier, Baby Bot was only 6 weeks old and Whirl wind was a demanding almost three year old.

I remember unpacking all of our crap and our house still looked bare.

“We are never ever going to fill this house. It needs like 6 couches!”

Three years later, its pretty much bursting at the damn seams.

What is not bursting at the seams is our walls.  They are begging for something.

Especially “The Wall”.


photo (17)

I hate that wall. I have been looking forever for something for that damn wall. And then today this arrived from Canvas & Decor,  And I got my little Interior Designer to help me out with the finishing touches.

And voila.

I am over “The Wall”.

photo (18)photo (19)


Yes, I got this canvas 20×24 for free.  But, because I am a wheeler dealer and I love all the readers at Mommy’s Weird. I got you a deal too! I know, you love me, don’t you?!

I GOT YOU A 30% OFF DISCOUNT CODE. Plus, no tax.  Free ground shipping. Free Custom Text and Photo Effects. You have until the end of this month to get on this.


You are very welcome.

So, if you decide to use this company and want to save 30% use the code: MOM30


DISCLAIMER:  Like, I said, I got my canvas for free and I friggn’ love it. And am ticked that it took me so damn long to order one of these. Though I am also regretting that I didn’t get it in black and white. Maybe next time….. wonder if they will give me another free one. Hmmmm…. worth a try, I guess.  And as per usual, I get lots of free stuff given to me and I don’t have to say anything about any of them. It’s all my call.  I wouldn’t tell you about something I didn’t like or want my name tied too.