I May Have Acted Like An Airline Diva….

Let me tell you a typical Kyla like story.

In case you didn’t know, I am an idiot.

There has also been the odd time where I think I am more important than I really. I blame my Mother for that.  She taught me that I should be proud of who I am and to always hold my head up high.  But, sadly, I turned out quite a bit like my Father. My Dad is a loveable buffoon. Now, I am not calling myself loveable. But, I am a buffoon.

Recently, I flew to Toronto for Link 2013 and Blissdom Canada .  Because I was going away for 8 days, I had my lap top with me at all times so that I could also work because I also run my own Social Media Management Company, Social Jelly.

I checked in for my flight on line and didn’t really pay attention to the seat I had.  I got on my 2nd flight of the day only to see that I had the best seat in the entire world in this enormous plane.  I had the seat right beside the emergency exit AND the washroom.  Not only could I stretch out my legs, but I could have stretched out Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s legs too.

FYI: If you don’t know who Kareem Abdul Jabbar is, then I am sorry. I mostly used that reference for my brother.

Any who…

People were furious about my seat. I was getting glares from everyone on the plane.  Then I realized, I couldn’t reach the touch screen t.v on the seat in front of me and I didn’t have a pull down tray in front of me so I could work.

Quickly, I started huffing like a Diva and asked the attendant if the flight was full, because I couldn’t sit in this seat because I had work to do and there was no tray and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

He looked at me like I was an idiot.

He kneeled in front of me, which I am accustomed to, and pulled out a tray and a t.v screen from beside my seat. I was beside myself. I have never had a t.v screen so close and  a tray that folded down from the left.  IT WAS AWESOME. Obviously, I have never flown first class.

Hint, hint, Air Canada.

So, I obviously didn’t need to change out of my dream seat because I was now able to do some work.  But, I didn’t work. Even after the scene I made, I didn’t even open my computer. Instead, I stretched out and laughed my ass off watching this…




So funny.

Super funny and in a really weird way very inspirational.

One of these days I am going invite Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn over for pizza.

Anyone have their number?


That’s okay. I get it. I wouldn’t share it either.

So, I don’t have teenagers, but if I did, this is totally a movie you could watch with them.  Owen and Vince, yes I am on a first name basis, have been downsized from their sales jobs which they rock at, but they have no other skills, so they sign up to be interns with a bunch of twenty year olds.  They are stupid and the kids are “stupid smart”.

Have you ever met a “stupid smart” person before?



Any who…

The Internship is out now and its pretty awesome.  I mean it.

Disclaimer: Yes, I got a copy of The Internship in exchange for this post.  I’m probably going to give it to my sister for Christmas. Merry Christmas, sister. 

7 thoughts on “I May Have Acted Like An Airline Diva….

  1. Ha-Ha! I watched The Internship on Saturday during my flight to Mexico. And like you, I had planned to work during the flight but ended up glued to the screen behind the seat in front of me. There’s just something about flying and catching up on all the movies you miss.

  2. But what a wonderful diva you are! hehe So you were in first class.. and didn’t know it? What a pleasant surprise! I haven’t watched The Internship yet! Gotta watch it 🙂

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