Berry Bitty Mysteries Review….

My daughter is an interesting mix of kid.

She loves to wrestle her friends while dressed as a princess.

The best way to explain Whirlwind is that she loves life. She just loves it.  She is just ready for whatever comes her way.

I love that about her and I have a lot to learn from her.

She also loves a good mystery, so when I heard that not only was I getting the chance to review a Strawberry Shortcake DVD, but it was also about a mystery….. HOT DAMN.

This has Whirlwind written all over it!




Here’s a video, too.

It’s super catchy.

You have been warned



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Totally catchy, eh.

So if you are Birthday shopping for the 9th Birthday Party  of the month, I would totally suggest you get Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Mysteries  plus, it has printable colouring pages.

 DISCLAIMER:  We did not receive any money to do this review. In exchange my daughter has a huge smile on her face because we get to keep the movie.