American Horror Story Give Away….

This show scares me.

Like, really, really, really scares me.

That should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me. I have spent many a childhood sleep over just wishing we could put away Freddy Krueger and watch Pretty in Pink.

Once, I went to the movies with my friends and spent the entire movie, Single White Female, with my head under my coat. It was a polka dot coat. So I counted all the polka dots to pass the time.

I love pop culture, so I needed to watch the first season of American Horror Story. Everyone was talking about it! I couldn’t be left out.

And I loved the first season, but I was so scared of American Horror Story that I had to wait until the episode had aired, then I would read the transcript and then watch it online.

I had to know what was coming.



I know it had 17 Emmy Nominations.

I know that Jessica Lange, James Cromwell and Adam Levine are in this season.

I know that it really is the best show on television.

I just can’t watch it.

And I want to watch it.

I really, really, really do.

But, I can’t.

I just cannot.

It freaks the hell out of me.

And with that Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to get this bloody copy of American Horror Story:  Asylum, The Complete Second Season, out of my damn house.


So, with that, it is Give Away Time!

This contest is open to Canadians Only. You may enter by telling me why you love this show.  This freaky deaky Give Away closes on October 17th.  Comment below!

DISCLOSURE:  As usual, I got this copy of American Horror Story:  Asylum, The Complete Second Season for Free so that I may give it to you.  Please don’t pee your pants while you watch it. 



15 thoughts on “American Horror Story Give Away….

  1. I was channel surfing, never heard of the show. It sounded different so I thought I would give it a few mins at the very least and was addicted for the rest of the night! I only saw the 2 episodes they showed but want more! It was scary! I loved that it seemed to have no limits so the stories could be told completely without the censoring. The cast threw me too because of the big names willing to attach themselves to this. I was texting ppl they had to watch it. I need more!

  2. I can’t do scary either (read: I’m allergic to horror films in the most adverse ways). I STILL take a flying leap into my bed when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Thanks A LOT, Freddy. (Oh crap. I think I just called on his evil spirit.)

  3. I love this show because I used to work at an old psych hospital and puts a dark spin on the buildings I saw every day. I never find horror-themed stuff deeply frightening, but this show makes me shake in terror. So good!

  4. I so need to win this as I’m going through creepy scary jump & scream withdrawal as my “movie buddy” refuses to go see anything the least bit scary. I beg & plead & she still won’t see anything above PG, unless there’s a hot guy in it, but even then it has to be a comedy!!! I need to be friegtened to the point of sleeping with every light on in the house, even in the daytime!!! Even if I’m forced to watch it alone thanks to my “chicken M.B.”!!!!

  5. I am really terrified of this show too! Like A LOT!! But my boyfriend LOVES it! So he’s only allowed to watch if I am not home. I am a big wimp with scary movies. Buffy is pretty much my limit of scary. Which as many know isn’t scary at all!! So I’m with you!!

  6. Totally not my type of show. I don’t need any more terror in my life. I have 5 sons and a husband who acts like he’s part preschooler/part teenager (which is kind of horrible since I already have a preschooler and two teenagers). My sleep is already full of nightmares. However, my preschooler combined teenager (AKA hubby) loves stuff like this, so I will enter on his behalf since he has yet to figure out how to turn on the computer. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  7. I haven’t seen this show yet but I am so excited to watch Season 1. I’ve got it ready to go on DVD. I just have to finish watching the last season of Dexter first. I’d love to win season 2 so I could have it ready to go after I’ve finished season 1.

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