Tickety Toc Giveaway….

Whooo hoooooo!

As I promised on Facebook, I have two giveaways this month.

Let’s get to business.

For the first time in Canada little preschoolers like mine can wear cute little “Tickety Toc” stuff, which is exclusively available at Walmart and online at Walmart Canada.

Baby Bot Shirt

Baby Bot got all freaky deaky when I showed him his new shirt and won’t quit staring at it.  Apparently he has watched the show. I have to be honest, I have NO memory of ever letting them watch the show. But, he looks so cute in his little bunny shirt that I trust his three year old instinct.  I do know that the show is  on Disney Junior. 


shirt (2)

They also are coming out with “Tickey Toc” toys in October,  just in time for Christmas.

Did I say Christmas?


Anywho… if you have a little one and would like to win a long sleeve shirt please comment below.  Giveaway closes on Thursday, September 20th at noon, my time, not yours. And, not to be a jerk, but due to demand, I am unsure of the size and colour that will be available to the winner. But, if its wrong. I am super sorry and maybe you could re gift it for Christmas.


I said it again.

DISCLOSURE:  I got some swag to give you some swag.  I didn’t receive any money. Which sort of sucks, because I just bought a pair of amazing and expensive boots.

And in case you haven’t heard (BAHAHAHA!), I am in the running for the Top 25 Canadian Mommy Blogs.  I should be #1, but I’m not. So toss me a vote, pretty please.


29 thoughts on “Tickety Toc Giveaway….

  1. My child has an odd love of ‘Tick Tock’. I don’t know why. I find it insanely annoying. But at least it’s not Thomas., Or Caillou. I really hate Caillou. And don’t get me started on Barney. And Dora. WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO YELL SO MUCH?
    Soooo…anyhoo…..I want the shirt.

  2. Please sign me up for whatever 15-minute workout video you need to because I definitely need a long-sleeve shirt in some size and an unknown colour. Those are my FAVOURITE!
    P.S. I voted.
    P.P.S. I have no idea what Tickety Tock but see above regarding my reasons for entering.
    P.P.P.S Do I get bonus points for tweeting it out?
    P.P.P.P.S. I’m in Tuktuyuktuk, am I eligible to enter?

  3. I have three kids. One of them could use a new shirt! If I win I am sure all three would share. lol. Thanks. Ya I am also with the no to Caillou! I hear enough winning from my own kids. Probably where they picked it up in the first place. Ugh.

  4. I have 5 kids. At least one of them are the size that these shirts come in. It appears that at least one of the shirts comes in Orange. Orange is my 4 year old’s favourite colour. We watch treehouse, so unless this show is on treehousetv my kids probably won’t be exposed to it. However, I would still love to win because as I said I have 5 kids, and winning one shirt is one less shirt I would have to buy 🙂

  5. Once my boy learned he could have sweet bad ass things on his shirt like cars, tigers and dinos all cute stripes and plaid button ups were out the window. So, I’m in!

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