Modern Family Giveaway…

I love Modern Family.

You know when you watch a show and one character just annoy you, sort of like when there was episode all about Vanessa on The Cosby Show.


Any who…

I don’t feel this way about Modern Family. The writers and actors just do such a great job with each and every character.

And as much as I love the Pritchett- Dunphy’s,  In real life, I would avoid them at all costs. Especially at school pick up.  Or at a restaurant. Definitely at a sporting event.

Those people are batshit crazy.

Modern Family S4 Blu-ray

Here’s the goods….

Modern Family: Season 4 is out on Blu-ray on September 24th and I have one copy to give away!

I know.



I’m huge.

And we’re not talking about my chubby arms.

I’m a super duper big deal in Hollywood.

Didn’t you know?

Want to win?

Just comment below and tell me who your favourite Modern Family character is and why and you are automatically entered to win.  The contest closes on September 24th at like, bedtime, I guess. This is open to residents of Canada and the United States.

DISCLOSURE:  I did this for free for you.  I know, right?! I didn’t get any money or even my own copy of  Modern Family: Season 4. Ridiculous. The things I do for you people.