How Much Screen Time Is Too Much…

Life is getting a little bit easier in our house and I think I have the television to thank.

Now that the kids are a bit older,  I am able to take a shower AND get dressed without being hounded the entire time. Granted, its not due to my parenting but due to the turning on of “the boob tube.”

And I am thankful for it.

Listen, I am not going to go into the great t.v debate.  My kids love t.v.  They would watch ” a show”  all day.  Baby Bot only talks in what we call, “show talk”.  He relates everything he sees or does to what he has seen on t.v. It is a bit embarrassing because I truly do try to limit the amount of “screen time” the kids have.

And by limit, I mean, what works for me.

For example:  If the kids have been watching t.v for half an hour in the morning and we are about to be late for music class, I will say something like, “That is enough t.v for this morning.”

On the other hand,  if my husband and I are enjoying a leisurely coffee and chat on a Sunday Morning, I see nothing wrong with them watching t.v for an hour.

Also, if its a rainy day and I am “crafted” the hell out,  I see nothing wrong with an afternoon movie.  And if that rainy day also happens to be a day where my kids have already watched an hour of television in the morning, so I could work out and have a shower, so be it.

For the most part in our home, the  television is only on when it is to be watched.

Its’s never back ground noise.

And that can be embarrassing in its own right. If the television is on at home or anywhere else, my children will stop what they are doing to watch that damn t.v.  They can not multi task. They are television zombies. In fact, I am sure that I could leave my 5 and 2 year old at home alone and return an hour later with them in the exact same spot.

But, I have never done this.

I mean, I have taken a 5 minute  nap, but never left the house.  Well, maybe I have gone outside for like 15 minutes, but never left the neighbourhood.

Though, that would be sort of awesome.

“Okay, you kids watch t.v while Mommy runs to the pharmacy to buy some birth control pills.  Don’t move. Just watch your show, okay? Love you! Oh and don’t answer the door.  Bye! ”

And with that, I better run. Whirlwind has just watched her 2nd hour of television for the day and its only 2:30 in the afternoon.