Vagina, Vagina, Vagina…

“Why do you talk about Vaginas on your blog?”


Good question.

I don’t have an answer.

Do I really talk about vaginas that much?

Well, I have talked about my arm pits looking like vaginas.   Of course there was also the time I had a nice talk with my daughter  about vaginas at Denny’s.   Maybe I have suggested that I possibly have a giant vagina. Oh and everyone at the grocery store saw my vagina.  There was also a time I did discuss vulvas, does that count as vagina talk?

Maybe I do talk about vagina’s a bit too much.  But not as much as I talk about breasts. Other peoples breastslong breasts, big running breasts, breast feeding, young breasts, wrestling my breasts,  vlogging my breasts, making my breasts glamorous, putting my breasts in their first bra, Hot Mom’s and their breasts and pictures of my friends breasts,

So next time the better question would be…

“Why do you talk about boobs on your blog?”

Good question.

I guess I write what I know about.

And I’m a woman, and I know a thing about vaginas and breasts.

I also know a bit about hemorrhoids, but I will save that for another day.