Easter Bunny Poop….

I am having a hard time potty training Baby Bot.

He really likes to go “Boom Boom” in his diaper.


I’ll be honest.

He loves to go “Boom Boom” in his diaper.  It’s his thing.  We all have our things. And this is his.

But it’s starting to get a bit weird.

Sometimes when he starts his “Boom Boom”, he shushes me and tells me “no talk”.

I am guessing it’s so he can crap his diaper in peace.

Once he pooped in his pants to announce a big loud, “TA DA, I DID IT!”

Just last month he had a “Boom Boom” and then announced that he was the Easter Bunny.

I blame the movie Hop for that one.

Yesterday, he stood in front of me and made the familiar look of concentration and then covered my eyes and said, “Do… Not…. Look…At… Me.”

Another time, he told me not to look at him and then when he was done taking his giant, almost three year old dump, he yelled, “SURPRISE!”

And today when his Dad tried to clean up his “Boom Boom”, he screamed and yelled, “LEAVE MY TAIL ALONE!”

I’ve given up.

He’ll teach himself, right?