The Cereal Swearer….

This is one of my favourite Mommy stories passed on down from one of my Hot Mom’s…

Hot Dad #1 was having breakfast with his son and was doing the ever so common wrestle with the cereal box.

Sidenote:  Who invented cereal boxes?  There really has to be a better way to get all the cereal out of the plastic bag .  Ugh. I hate when you finish the box of cereal, only to find a ton of “side” cereal. You know the stuff that is stuck between the plastic bag and the actual box of cereal. I am sure “side cereal” will be the death of me.  It always lands on the floor and then I step on it and have unsweepable cereal dust all over my kitchen floor.


This wasn’t about me was it?

Any who….

While pouring the cereal into the bowl, Hot Dad #1 spilled cereal all over the place and then slipped out a “Fuck!”.  Hot Dad #1 cleaned up the cereal and then sat down to enjoy breakfast with his son.  Just as Hot Dad #1 was into his third bite of cereal his three and a half year old son looked up at him with his giant baby blues and asked, “How is your fuck, Daddy?”

10 thoughts on “The Cereal Swearer….

  1. I just discovered your blog via Anna at My Life and Kids.

    I am giggling hysterically. I think I will be up all night reading back posts. Thanks for blogging = you are wonderful!

  2. Adorable! When my daughter was three and playing in one of those car games at an arcade, she yelled out, “F!!! you, buddy!” Because that’s what everyone does while they’re driving, right?

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