Space Ship Stores…

As I was putting the groceries into the car, Whirlwind was buckling herself up (Praise Jesus for Booster seats!) when she announced, “I want to go to space.”

“Cool.” I answered. ” Maybe when you are older you can.”

“I don’t have a space ship.”  She said.

Good point. Now this is the moment where I do some quick thinking.

Or over thinking.  I do that a lot. Lately, It feels like every moment is a teaching moment.  Should I tell her that she is probably never going to  own a space ship? Probably not.  So, I should encourage her… right?

“Well when you are big you can buy one?” I suggested.

She looked at me like I was from another planet. Possibly a planet she was going to visit one day. Then she started to raise her little voice. Seriously, I am sure the entire parking spot could hear her scream at me.


Shocked at her defiance and not just by her desire to go to space  and own her own space ship, I quieted her down with the old stand by, “You can ask your Dad when we get home. Did you want a sucker?”

Then off we went.

And not in a space ship.