Zaggora HotPants….

Whenever I hear the word ‘hot pants”, I imagine its not something a 200 lb plus woman should be wearing.  Recently, I heard about company called Zaggora who make clothes that you wear while working around your house and they help you get your skinny on.

I know.

Crazy talk.

So, I had to try them and made the company send me a pair to try out.  They carry a bunch of other Zaggora clothing, but I stuck with the pants.

These pants were not a stretch for me and my wardrobe, I pretty much only wear yoga pants and hoodies.  And if I want to dress it up a bit, I will wear earrings.

Watch out Charlize Theron.

Back to the Zaggora HotPants

I have to be completely honest, I never ever would have bought these pants, but I am such a chubby monkey these days that I will try pretty much everything, except pills.  They are thicker than yoga pants and feel sort of scuba’ish when you put them on. But, the longer you wear them the more you totally start digging them.  For me, they tend to slide a bit down my rear. I have a small but long bottom. So, that could be the problem and this is not the first time in my life I have had to complain about my long ass.

I did not think I would find them comfy at all. I truly thought I would try them on and start crying and then toss them out.

Not the case!

I know I don’t often post pics of myself, but seriously, this is me without make up after a work out, and yes I took my hair out of a pony tail so I could look super steamy for this pic. And yes, I am aware that my boobs are glowing.


And of course I made my husband take the pic from above because everyone looks thinner from above, with their shoulders back and legs crossed.

I just learned this recently and subsequently I will be posing this way from now on.

The one thing I do not like about the pants is that they are hand wash.  Luckily my washing machine has a gentle cycle so I use that.

So, I am going to do the 2 week challenge.  Exercise 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks wearing my Zaggora pants. If I conveniently forget to post the results, I think you will have a pretty good idea what happened.  If you are really concerned about me, you will find my face buried in a bucket of boneless chicken wings.

Disclosure:  I was given these pants by Zaggora to try out and give my honest opinion. I think they picked the right girl. I don’t have to do the 2 week challenge. THANK GOD. 
p.s I am soooo not doing the 2 week challenge.

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