Daddy’s Have and Mommy’s Have…

Something happened the other day and I was stuck between the emotions of hilarious and sad.

Maybe you can relate?

The other day Baby Bot was playing with his brand new piggy bank.  It took me a second to figure out why he was digging in his pockets, his sisters pockets and then my pockets.

“Oh, you are looking for money!” I exclaimed.

Baby Bot smiled and nodded and announced, “Daddy’s have money.”

Curiously I asked, ‘What do Mommy’s have?”

“Mommy’s have kleenex.” he answered.

I burst out laughing.  Yes, Mommy has kleenex, but Mommy also works and makes money.  So, his little world of innocence brought me joy but also confusion.  I want him to know that I work.  I want him to know that Mommy contributes to this family just as much as Daddy does.

But, he already knows that.

Baby Bot knows that when he needs his nose wiped, that his Mommy will always have his kleenex.

And I am okay with that.