I Ate All The Chocolate Philly…

Um.. when I was asked to review Chocolate Philly, I was stoked.  Everyone knows how I love to eat.

So I went to the store and read the label and with Chocolate Philly, you get the dairy goodness of Philly plus the deliciousness of pure milk chocolate – with half the sugar and calories (per 1 tbsp. serving) of the other guys.


And, I hate to admit this, but as soon as I got home from the store, I didn’t even put any of the groceries away, I just tore into the Chocolate Philly.

After the first bite, I made such an erotic sounding noise that I am sure the neighbours heard me. Pure delight. It’s like an expensive dessert, but in a tub in your hand.

Seriously, I wanted to rub it all over my entire body and let the neighbourhood enjoy.

Did I just say that?


No, I’m not.

And then this happened….

That is an almost empty container.
I just couldn’t quit eating it.
Honestly, its super embarrassing.
At this point, I felt guilty and threw it on a wrap with banana slices. It was sooooo good.  But, I do feel bad that ate the entire thing without sharing with my family. My plan is too wash the container as soon as possible, so no one in this house (Zed) will find out about what I did until recycling day on Saturday.

They are doing a fun little contesty gamey thingy on their Philly Facebook Page. It’s a way of shaming your loved ones into making your breakfast in bed.

And you know there is nothing better than publicly shaming the ones you love. Sign me up.

Plus, while you are there, you my as well “like” their page, because in on May 21st, Chocolate Philly will roll out a coupon that can be downloaded from the Philly Facebook page.

Sorry, gotta run, I have a foil lid to lick.

Disclaimer:  Yo Yo. It’s sponsored post time!  Girl, I got bills to pay. I was compensated for this post. The above comments on covering myself in Philly Chocolate are my own. Sorry for the visual. Extra sorry if you are my neighbours.