Don’t Sweat it. HANDLE IT!

I am starting to get offended.


Do I smell or something?

Because, more personal hygiene products showed up at my house the other day. This time it was Lady Speed Stick. It has tough invisible 24 hour protection, long lasting superior protection and available in 4 different fragrances to keep you feeling fresh from morning to night.

I’m starting to wonder if a tracking chip was inserted into me while I was sleeping.

It could happen.

Back to the pit stick….

Since you all know me so well, you are probably waiting for a disgusting sweaty story from me. Because I can be a little bit gross like that.  Lucky for you I didn’t have to entertain at my children’s birthday party or have a job interview.
I can feel the sweat sliding off me now just thinking about it.
But, I did have some long days and one of them included me running into someone I didn’t really want to talk to.
No, it wasn’t you.
Or you.
It was someone else.
The thing is, when I am uncomfortable, I sweat like a beast.  And I get all blinky. So if you ever see me sweating and blinking it probably means I don’t like you.
Any who, back to my run in.
As much as I didn’t want to see this person, I am really proud of myself on how I just bucked up and took responsibility. And it felt damn good. Even though I was a bit sweaty and blinky.

If you read Mommy’s Weird, you know I love to eat and laugh. Well, this video didn’t make me want to eat but I did laugh.  I am going to make the girl on the left my new best friend. She is the queen of,  “Don’t sweat it. HANDLE IT!”

If you want to win a big ol’ gift basket of Lady Speed Stick, you can do so by entering here.  The draw will be made on May 31st and I am sorry to my readers south of the border. No, not Mexico; the United States. This contest is only open to hockey playing, beaver loving, beer drinking and donut eating Canadians.

And I almost forgot to mention that I also have a coupon for you too.
You’re welcome.

Disclaimer:  It sponsored post time!  Yes, I was compensated to write this review by Colgate. Everything I have said about the product is straight from the horses mouth. I was going to neigh but decided against it. You get my point.  I also received samples of the product to try out. And I didn’t like the gel one but LOVED the powder stick one.