Why Are You Mad At Me, Mommy?

Sometimes I am quiet.

I know, I know.

That shocks you.

But, it’s true. I am a very complicated beast.

Recently, I had a busy day with the kids, we had a ton of different drop off’s and pick up’s.  And you know you can’t leave your kids in the car. Which is super annoying. Seriously, I am just running into the bank, I am sure they will be fine buckled up and  in my locked van for 3 damn minutes.


I would totally move to a small town for this reason alone.

Any who….

It was a bit of chaotic day of loading kids in and out of the vehicle about three thousand times.

As I was buckling in Whirlwind after the after the last drop off she asked me, “Why are you mad at me Mommy?”

And I looked at her and answered, “I am not mad at you, honey.”

“Why aren’t you talking to me?”  She asked.

And it broke my heart.

Personally, there is nothing that ticks me off more than the silent treatment.  It takes me back to my own childhood.

The thing is, I wasn’t giving her the silent treatment.  I just wasn’t talking. I guess she isn’t used to that.  And she doesn’t understand the difference. But it scared me, in a way that I haven’t been scared before in my journey as a parent.

Children are fragile.

Children are independent thinkers.

The little wheels are always turning in their little brains.

How do you turn that off?