My Molson Coors Birthday Party….

As of late, I have been finding it practically impossible to see my friends. Everyone is so busy. Girl Guides. Soccer. Field Trips. Band. Work. Holidays. Family Emergencies. You name it.

But, when I told a few of my friends that I was going to have a Birthday Party with lots of Molson Products, they all seemed to find a reason to attend. Plus, I gave most people 2 days party notice, sometimes last minute is the best way into a busy gals life.

Or my friends are just jerks.

You pick.

I really wanted to try Molson Wheat , but it was sold out. So instead I stuck to my favourite’s Coors Light, Molson Canadian and Molson Canadian 67. I drank Molson Canadian 67 for most of the night because, well let’s be honest, I weigh 200 lbs and I have to MC an event in a few days and I’m borrowing a dress from a friend and I don’t want to split it!
My plan was to do a beer and cheese tasting for all my friends.  But, as most of my friends know, that when it comes to beer, I would just rather sit back and drink with my friends and have a few laughs.
Okay, I am going to cut the bull crap. My kids were sooooo sick on the weekend.  Fevers, runny noses, coughs and very tired.  I just sort of whipped together what I could at the last minute, which was nachos and salsa, crackers and hummus, cheezies, a veggie tray, and cheese ball and later because my friends were apparently starving, I found some frozen and thankfully not freezer burnt samosa’s and spanokapita’s in the freezer. 
I do what I can.
I even converted a few non beer drinkers during the night and made a few beer cocktails.  I love mixing beer and pink lemonade. I know, it sounds crazy, and my friends were looking at me like I was out of my mind, but it is super tasty and they were totally digging it. And its so easy, fill a glass with half a Molson 67 and half Pink Lemonade and add some berries to it so you look super duper classy like moi.
I even spoke french.
Next time I get my gals together, I am going to be MUCH more prepared and try this;
It’s a Skinny Peach Sangria. It’s pretty a bottle of beer, half a cup of peach puree, 1 cup of Ocean Spray White Cranberry juice and toss in some lemon juice to taste.  You mix it all in a pitcher and pour over peaches, lemons and blueberries.
That was Italian for those that don’t know how super duper classy I am.
Thanks to Molson Coors Canada for providing the refreshments and thanks to my friends for loving me just the way I am.
Disclaimer: I was compensated and got some stuff from Molson Coors for my Birthday Party. The above opinions are my own. 

22 thoughts on “My Molson Coors Birthday Party….

  1. Can we have a Molson Europe party? I want to come AND I want to try that drink.

    P.S. I love that you gave your friends 2 days notice. Let’s be honest, as moms what the hell else do we have going on anyways? “Um no, I can’t come, I have to change my kid’s diaper tomorrow night.”….right…

  2. Wow, totally going to try that recipe! We have a pool, and a pool deck, so now all I need to get is a pool boy to bring me a pitcher of that sangria. Sounds awesome for somebody who doesn’t drink beer normally. Great looking party.

  3. you are not kidding about the beer and pink lemonade right? because I think it sounds awful, but kind of want to try it but I sort of feel like if I do someone will jump out and yell – punked!

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