Book Reviews: Gillian Flynn and Ernest Cline…

I have been pretty lax with my movie and book reviews lately.

Want to know why?

Well, I have become a bit of a stat monger.  And I have noticed that the posts about my huge boobsvulva less models  and my daughter swallowing a cigarette butt are much more popular than me chatting about a movie I just watched or a book I just finished.

None the less, I have read a couple of really good books and I think you should read them too.

Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” had me from the get go. I was completely invested in all of the characters.  Nick is such an unlike-able person that I love him to pieces. I want to go to his bar. I want to get drunk with him. I want to cuddle him for hours. And his wife Amy.  Well, at times we would be best friends and at times I would have her admitted to the closest psych ward.

Not only did the book have me from the get go, but I am now forever a Gillian Flynn fan. Girl, whatever you got, I am going to read.  Send me a journal from you pained highschool years, I will read it.

Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline blew my damn mind.  This is the coolest of coolest books.  It’s the year 2044 and the world is a damn mess. It’s totally fallen apart and this man James Halliday, who in my head looked like Steve Jobs, has created an ulterior world on line called Oasis. The thing is Halliday has died and he has left like a billion dollar prize for the winner of a contest in Oasis.  Wade is the main character, he is this poor orphaned kid who has low self esteem but is pretty wicked on line in the Oasis.

What will make you love the book is that it is filled with 1980’s references. And that is the catch to winning the big prize. The characters have to act out the entire movie War Games or master old school arcade games.  It’ s just a super witty book and I didn’t want it to end.

And I really want you to download both of them onto your Kobo, read them and I am dying to talk to someone about them.

So do that.

Pretty please?

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