Tales of A Ranting Ginger: Mommy’s Weird Genius Cookies…

Damn, I am all over the place these days.

And not emotionally.

Well, at least not for a few more days.

Then watch the heck out. If its sweet its not safe in my house.  I have been known to eat a plain packet of splenda. I am still waiting for my third arm to grow spontaneously from my forehead.

If you want to find me today I am beyond honoured to write for the amazing Tales of A Ranting Ginger and I posted a recipe. I know. Crazy. But, I did that once before. Remember? And I still get teased about it.


As usual, when I post anything to do with anything, I somehow make it about myself.  And this time is no different. I hope you enjoy the back story of my childhood behind Mommy’s Weird Genius Cookies.