Meet Mouthy Barber Mom…

Holla!  Yes I just said Holla. It’s better than “Yo” or “Who let the dog’s out?”  I mean, what a stupid saying. What does letting the dogs out have to do with anything anywhere? And why is there a song about it.  Oh damn it, I cannot quit singing that song.  WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO?  Sorry.  

Meet Guest Poster Gin, she tells it like it is and always makes me giggle.

 My Smart Phone May Be My Ruination

Okay, so.  TWH (Tha Wonder Hubby), TB (Tha Boy), and I went to the movies
Saturday night.  During what I like to call “The Post-Movie Analysis” TWH started talking about an article he read a while back about Ferris Bueller being his friend Cameron’s Fight Club.  He went on about it at length but couldn’t remember exactly WHERE he’d seen it so I did the only thing there was to do, I whipped out my smart phone.  “I really think this is going to be the ruin of me” I say as I poke at my screen.  TWH looked at me like I was nuts and said “WHAT??” because I started a conversaton in the middle.  “My having a smart phone. I think it may ruin me. You know, by making me an insufferable Know-it-all.”  TWH muttered “Don’t you mean MORE of an insufferable Know-it- all??” under his breath.

What EV-ER….

See, I love information.  If I don’t know something, or something piques my interest, I will do whatever I need to do to learn about said thing.  When I was a kid, it was our battered Encyclopedia Britannica set.  In later years, it was The Google.  Now, it’s my Smartphone. I will not hesitate to BING the hell out of something and it is AWESOME.

Information is my weapon and I wield it like an anvil on a rope.

If T (the guy I work with) is spewing some wildly inaccurate information about… stuff, I will not hesitate to look his chosen subject up on my little pink rectangle of knowledge. Then, using what can only be described as my best Hermione Granger voice, I will lay down the Information Smackdown.

“Ummmmmmm… NO” is my usual lead in.  Followed by “ACTUALLY” or, if T is being really assoholic about how right he thinks he is, “HA!! Listen to THIS shit!!”.

Sadly, I don’t limit my educational forays into the interwebz to just T.  I abuse my family with it too.  Sometimes even complete strangers. I can’t seem to help myself.

Maybe there’s a 12 Step Program for this.  

Lemme go ask The Google.

Bio:  Gin is an Adored Wife, a Loved Mother, and the owner of one very devoted Cha-Weenie.  She is a recovering Chocoholic and a frustrated runner trapped in a chunky woman’s body who fell into Blogging mostly on a whim.
She can be found spewing the Good, the Bad, and the Slightly Amusing things in her life at