Something beautiful is happening.

My children are in love with their grandparents.  They want to call them, they want to sleep over with them, they want to draw pictures for them, they want to show them everything.

I don’t have a lot of memories like this.

The memories I have of my Grandparents can be counted on one hand.

I even have first cousins that I have never met.

That used to be so normal to me.  But, I don’t imagine it will be for my kids.

It can be hard living a four hour plane ride or 12 hour drive away from our families, but we make it work and there are times where I think we should move back home, closer to my parents. Then again, I am not sure I really want that.

Recently, my sister visited from four provinces away and Whirlwind couldn’t get enough of her Auntie.  She slept with her every night. And when it was time for my sister to go home, my daughter told her, “I hope you will be my Auntie again.”

It broke our damn hearts.

On a less serious note, I think I am going to crack open a Molson 67.