Kyla The Dinosaur….

I might have just over reacted.

Here is what is happening, my son is watching, Dinosaur Train.

He just friggn’ loves Dinosaurs.  He stomps around the house growling constantly. He is either a Dinosaur or a Bear Beast or Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Honestly, I am a bit worried about his Sponge Bob obsession. It is bordering unhealthy.

Sort of like my self esteem.

So, this morning while Baby Bot is watching Dinosaur Train, I over hear them talking about a dinosaur that I am pretty damn positive they just called “Kylasaurus.”  Obviously, I freak the eff’ out.  I mean, really.


I have to be 50 lbs over weight and be compared to a dinosaur?

Well, I don’t have to be overweight. I’m sure its thyroid, or diabetes, or lack of exercise or over eating or something.


After freaking out, I googled it.  And the dinosaur is an ‘Ankylosaurus.”  And it weighs as much an elephant, moves really slow, has bony plates and apparently an amazing tail that looks like a ball sack.

So obviously, I over reacted.  
But, it still sounds like “Kylasaurus” and I don’t like it.
I’m writing a letter to…. to…. to… Ross from “Friends”. 
I’m pretty sure he can fix this mess.