Compliments From A 4 Year Old….

The other day I was working at the computer with my wallet beside me. Let’s say I was paying bills and not online shopping.

Yeah, let’s say that.

My Mom and Whirlwind were hovering around me while I was doing my ahem, ahem, bill shopping, I mean, paying….bill paying.


I need to learn how to become a better liar.


Whirlwind noticed my license in my wallet and asked to look at it, so I passed it to her.

“Mommy!”  She exclaimed. “You look so young in this picture!”

I didn’t have time to reply that the picture was only two years old.  In fact, no one would have even heard me reply because my Mother was laughing so hard she had to grab onto the couch to hold herself up.


Payback is a bitch, lady.

You better watch your back.